Electricity as the energy form of the future

Oil and gas are obsolete, the heating of the future is to run on electricity.

In the long term, fossil fuels such as oil and gas will be obsolete, and renewable energies will play an increasingly important role. This applies not only to electricity production, but also to heat production. Denmark is playing a pioneering role in this respect: since 1 January 2013 it has no longer been permitted to install oil and gas heating systems in new buildings.

Oil heating systems are already almost no longer installed in this country and if they are, then only to replace old systems. Gas heaters will soon follow this example.

In addition, the German government wants to increase the share of renewable energies to at least 80% by 2050.

Infrared heating, whether in the form of panels or panel heating, enables an early switch to the energy form of the future. Low purchase price, no maintenance costs, fast and individual heating are just a few of the advantages of the heating system.

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