Premium heating film 130W/m² 80cm wide completely assembled

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Electric heating for floor temperature Control

The Mi-Heat Premium Carbon heating film with its modern CNT technology is one of the thinnest versions of the available electric underfloor heating systems and offers some additional advantages compared to the many "standard" films offered.
The heating film consists of two copper bands, which supply the special nano-tech coating applied to the carrier material via a patented trapezoidal silver net. An electrical resistance is created between the two conductors, which heats the special carbon heating element to its optimum temperature depending on the power output.
Almost the entire surface within the heating film heats up evenly and thus ensures a pleasantly warm floor over the laid surface. Compared to other electrical heating systems, the energy used is converted into heat without great losses, which makes the infrared heating film very efficient. The produced and harmless infrared radiation heats thereby directly the objects over it (e.g. the floor covering), whereby no air turbulences develop.
The Premium heating film can be installed fast and with small investment costs as auxiliary or main heating. It is therefore ideal for retrofitting and use in new buildings, it can provide a pleasant floor temperature in almost any room (except damp rooms).

Advantages of Mi-Heat Premium heating films

-CNT-technology: In contrast to the many standard heating films offered with the "self-regulating" and so-called PTC technology, the Premium heating film uses the specially developed and patented CNT technology (Carbon Nano Tube). This technology, which is unique to date, enables a gain in efficiency and also sets new standards for operational safety and extreme resilience.

-Double insulation: Mi-Heat Premium heating films consist of five layers and 4 main components. The production of these components from carefully selected raw materials, their treatment in a heat chamber and the high-quality lamination of the layers are indispensable prerequisites for the manufacture of this robust end product. The quality of the raw materials and the uniform application of nanotechnology also play an important role in achieving maximum efficiency. The heating film meets all necessary European requirements and standards.

-More heating surface: Thanks to the optimal use of the available film surface and the comparatively narrow film edge area, the Premium Film has an active heating surface of 86%. This, in combination with the CNT technology, enables a uniform surface temperature and a fast heating speed.

Low height and weight, space-saving
Low investment costs
Easy mounting
Flexible, robust and reliable
Homogeneous energy distribution
Constant surface temperature
Short warm-up time

Operating voltage: 220-240 Volt
Max. power consumption: 130 Watt/m² +/-10%.
Heating surface per m²: 86%
web width: 50cm
active area: 46cm
IR wavelength: 7-14 micrometer
Temperature resistant: up to 80°C
Efficiency: 98
Max. track length: 12 meters in one piece
Shortenable: Yes, every 25cm
material thickness: 0,388mm
Insulation: 4-ply, 2-ply insulation

When using electric floor heating, a thermostat which allows an adjustable temperature limit of 26°C must be used for control.
When using electric heating elements, make sure that the floor covering has an appropriate thermal conductivity.
The customer must obtain a manufacturer's approval in advance.
The installation of electric heating systems may and must be carried out exclusively by a qualified person according to VDE DIN 100.
Heating foil capacity and its use:
Vinyl = 60-80 watt/m²
Laminate / parquet = 60 - 130 Watt/m²
Wall/ceiling and individual projects = 160 - 220 Watt/m²

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