Outdoor snow melting matt

05.10.2020 15:10

Safe through the winter.

The use of electric ice free heating mats prevents snow and ice from accumulating.

The road conditions are very stable and full of the first snow in winter, the Mi-Heat Snow Melting heating mats offer safety in particularly risky places such as:

Walkways, outdoor stairs, house entrances and entrances, up and down ramps.

Why not use road salt ?

The use of de-icing salt has numerous disadvantages to the environment.

The salt enters the soil with the melt water and damages trees and plants and changes their nutrient balance. The excessive entry of sodium and chloridions into the soil has negative effects on the soil structure, it can lead to slurring and compacting. Animals, especially dogs, which are run on salt scattered paths risk getting their paws. ignite.


Winter is particularly dangerous for seniors.

With snow melting mats, protect the older generation safely from the dangers of winter.

According to accident statistics of the Federal Statistics, 4680 people were involved in accidents caused by snow and ice with personal injury.

Older people suffer on average much more severe accident consequences than younger ones.

Who clears snow and how often?

The space and scattering obligation is the property owner. For public pavements, this duty is usually transferred to private owners. These often transfer the duty to the renters.

Whether the tenants or landlords have to shake and scatter, this can be found in the rental agreement or the house rules.

If you do not follow the winter service, someone slides out and injured, you can expect payments with damages and pain money, or even risk a penalty for negligent body injury.

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