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Heating film as Electrical Underfloor Heating

Choosing a good heating system is essential for indoor living quality and can even up your property value.

Our passion for infrared underfloor heating dates back to 2014, when we discovered the power of carbon heating foil. How efficient and cost saving it is!

Heating film, or heating foil, also referred to as carbon heating film, is a high-quality infrared heating product used in modern underfloor heating, like floating floors, laminate, carpet or parquet. The infrared heating consumes 30% less electric energy than electric heating and over 50% less energy than conventional heating systems like oil boiler.

Electric underfloor heating offers the highest standard of comfort

Compared to other electric heating systems, the energy from heating film converts into radiant heat without any energy waste. Heating film consists of two copper strips, which works as the electrical power conductor. Due to its parallel structure our heating film lets you to heat the whole house efficiently and evenly.

Traditional electric heater heats the air directly. When releasing the warm air it stirs up dust in the room and also drys up the indoor air. Heating film instead warms up objects and people while keeping the air cool and fresh. Thus indoor air quality will be greatly improved with heating film

Combine electric underfloor heating products with your desired flooring

  • Our underfloor heating is suitable for floor coverings such as laminate, parquet, vinyl, carpet floors, tiles and natural stone
  • High quality carbon heating foils
  • Mobile heating systems, such as Infrared heating mats
  • State-of-the-art technology heating system control for maximum comfort and efficiency