60-80 Watt/mē Heating Film

Scope of Application for 60-80 Watt/mē Heating Film

Our 60-80 Watt/mē heating is designed for floorboards, parquet, laminate, linoleum, cork and vinyl floorings etc floating floors. Heating film offers full area heating, which heats evenly and quickly. Heating film can be used as sole heating method or assistent heating. The low wattage makes it safe for all sensative floor surfaces, making it one of our best selled underfloor heating product category for home environment.

Which heating film is better?

We have two series of 60-80 Watt/mē heating foils here:

  • The Comfort Series heating film, a good quality Made in Korea. Because of its effectiveness and affordability it is our all-time best seller.
  • The Premium Series heating film stands out with patented CNT technology(carbon nano tube). Plus its 4-plied 2-insulated feature makes it extremly robust and thus enjoys an unlimited service life provided no mechanical damages.

With an average thickness of 0.366mm our heating foil barely uses any space, thus perfect for renovation purposes. Plus its simple installation makes it ideal for new builds and old building refurbishment.

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