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Infrared Heating Film

Carbon Heating Film: modern & efficient Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

Do you dream of heated bathroom floors with warm tiles, where you can visit the bathroom at midnight without running and tiptoeing? Let us help you!

Mi-Heat is a company specialized in underfloor heating, electric heater, far infrared heater and underfloor heating controls from Germany. We offer a wide selection of heating elements, from upscale Made in Germany heating foil to affordable Comfort heating film, from 1500Watt/m² heating film for industry to 12V low voltage heating film for homes. We've got it all! Our expert will find the product best suited for your needs and guide you through installation.

Electric Underfloor Heating Running Costs & Installation

Compared with electric heater or boiler, the electric underfloor heating has few advantages to offer:

  • low aquisition cost: the initial aquisition of heating film is considerably lower than a heat pump boiler
  • maintenance-free: a heating pump has statisically more mechanic problems. With service life for up to more than 30 years, heating film brings you 30 years of trouble-free maintenance-free heating
  • low electricity bill cost: thermal rays of carbon film heats up the people and furnitures directly, you will feel warm sooner while the indoor temperature remains relatively low. This efficiency saves you up to 50% more energy and you will have fresher air.
  • clean and healthy indoor air: radient heat heats up people and furnitures directly without circulating heated up air and stirring up dust like traditional heater, which is good for allergy sufferers; infrared rays also inhibit germ or mould growth
  • comfort: heating film is noise-free; heating film offers full area heating, so there won't be any hot and cold spots
  • space-saving: a heat pump takes up valuable space
  • easy DIY installation