Infrared Luminous Heater

Extend the summer season on the terrace with our infrared heaters.

With our large range of infrared bright heaters, patio heaters or patio heaters in a wide variety of versions and power levels, a pleasant stay time in otherwise cold areas can be easily achieved.

The high-quality infrared heaters can be used, for example, indoors, on the terrace or even in industry and provide pleasant warmth. They are mounted on the ceiling or on the wall, so that a desired area can be heated very effectively and efficiently.

With the pleasant infrared radiant heat, which warms bodies and objects similar to the sun's rays, bright radiators are ideal for the terrace, veranda, lounge, workshop, garage, wellness zone, conservatory, balcony, hobby cellar, smoking area, outdoor seating area, etc.

Due to their faster heating time (usually only a few seconds), bright infrared radiators are particularly suitable for open areas where air movement takes place, compared to dark Radiators.

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