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Mi-Heat Blog: Project ideas, customer reports and product news

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Summer is the ideal time to take measures to protect ourselves from the dangers of snow and ice during the cold winter months. Electric outdoor heaters are a key tool in reducing potential risks in a variety of outdoor spaces. From loading bays and underground car park entrances to pavements and helipads, these heating systems offer protection against slippery surfaces and snow.

Our retrofittable electric underfloor heating systems for motorhomes are becoming increasingly popular. To coincide with the start of the 2024 camping season, we have expanded our range to include new thermostats for 12V or 24V on-board voltage. As a perfect addition, we now also offer extra-flat temperature sensors that are particularly easy to install without causing unsightly unevenness in the floor covering.

We are particularly proud to have a long-standing and close sales partnership with the renowned Danish company OJ Electronics and to be able to offer our customers excellent products with the "Made in EU" label. For this reason, we would like to introduce the leading supplier of electronic controls for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in more detail and provide an overview of the state-of-the-art thermostat range as well as efficient ice and snow melting systems.

For more than 20 years, the globally active Ballu Industrial Group has been designing innovative products in the field of heating and air-conditioning technology. With the compact electric fan heaters of the BKX and BHP series, easy-to-transport and versatile heaters are now available. They provide heat wherever it is needed at short notice.

Discover the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones now! We have a wide selection of innovative products that are guaranteed to make eyes sparkle under the Christmas tree. Whether it's for family, friends or your partner - we have the right gift for everyone. Browse through our exclusive range of products and be inspired by our unique gift ideas.

Anyone who has ever dealt with modern heating solutions has certainly already come across carbon heating films. These are often referred to as infrared heating films or electric surface heating. But what exactly is behind this particularly efficient technology and what areas of application are there? And what does Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, have to do with it? With us you will find out...

The cold season is approaching in leaps and bounds. Therefore, now is exactly the right time to think about the coming expenses and dangers during the snowy and icy season. The remaining warm and above all dry days can be used to take appropriate precautions. After all, who likes to work outside in cold and wet weather? With our checklist you can make sure that everything has been thought of.

For many stall owners and ride operators, the first thoughts are certainly already turning to preparations for the coming autumn and Christmas markets. But the topics of "cold at the workplace" and "frost protection for equipment and supply lines" are often not considered or simply tackled too late. We will show you suitable solutions to ensure a pleasant feeling of well-being for the staff and to avoid frost damage to the equipment.

In new buildings and renovation projects, stretch ceilings allow for modern interior design. They are a real alternative to conventional drywall ceilings and offer several advantages. In combination with carbon heating films, the result is an efficient heating system that ensures a pleasant room climate. With us, you can find out what the correct installation of a stretch ceiling heating system looks like and what needs to be taken into account.

Craftsmen know the problem: A new tiled floor is to be installed along with electric underfloor heating, but the existing subfloor of wooden floorboards or dry screed requires decoupling. Until now, this always meant several separate work steps and a lot of time spent on drying. With the DCM-PRO system from the market leader Warmup, you can now save time and money!

The increasing trend towards sustainable, self-sufficient and partly minimalist living is creating an ever-growing following of Tiny House owners and interested parties. According to the industry association, more than 500 new houses are built every year. But what is the best way to heat a Tiny House? One heat source in particular stands out with its advantages...

Matching with the new outdoor season, we have added more high-quality infrared patio heaters to our product range. Create a pleasant ambience at your next garden party, a tasty barbecue or your own personal time-out with a good book in the fresh air. Our product finder will guide you to the right infrared patio heater for your project.

Our new Ecosun S+ infrared dark heaters are an optimal solution for heating rooms with high heat demand. With up to 3600 watts of power, the infrared dark heaters are suitable both as main or supplementary heaters in warehouses, workshops, garages, sports halls or other rooms with ceilings up to 10m high. The IPX4 splash water protection even allows installation in protected outdoor areas.

The causes of mould are manifold. If there is an infestation, you should react immediately, because mould can make you ill and damage the fabric of the building. However, caution is advised when dealing with conventional mould removers. The chemical agents can irritate the skin and cause severe allergies. We show suitable and above all harmless alternatives in the fight against mould.

Underfloor heating in the bathroom always provides cosy warmth and a pleasant indoor climate. We will show you the various options for installing electric underfloor heating systems in new buildings and for renovations. In the process, we also dispel an old rumour.

Vinyl floors are very much in vogue! In Germany alone, more than 95 million square metres of the resilient and robust floor coverings were sold in 2020. And vinyl is also ideally suited for electric underfloor heating with carbon heating film. With us, you can find out how to plan correctly and what should be taken into account.

The gas savings plan stipulates that public buildings and offices may only be heated to a maximum of 19 degrees. But even with reduced room temperature, you don't have to freeze. Mobile office heaters are quick and easy to set up and can be plugged directly into a conventional socket.

Everyone probably knows that bees produce honey. But did you also know that the honey is "thawed" for processing? We often receive enquiries from beekeepers who are looking for a suitable heating system for a homemade thawing cabinet. You can find out what the so-called thawing cabinet is all about and what recommendations we can give for this DIY project in our blog.

For some years now, electric heating systems have been experiencing a renaissance and are increasingly being used as an alternative to gas and heating oil. The reasons for this are complex, because some fundamental factors have changed. In our blog, we explain which variants are available and what the differences are.

The Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) levy will cease to apply on 1 July 2022. The electricity price will thus fall by 4.43 cents per kilowatt hour gross. Anyone who uses an electric heating system should read and report their meter reading now. This is because energy suppliers must take the corresponding amount into account and pass it on to households with the annual bill.

Intelligent living and smart home devices are on everyone's lips. Anyone who has already looked into the subject has certainly come across the term Tuya or Tuya Smart. But what exactly is behind it and which components are suitable?

A cosy evening in the fresh air on the terrace or balcony is undoubtedly a real gain in quality of life. With simple aids, the outdoor season can be extended by valuable hours. Infrared radiant heaters even allow the outdoor area to be used well into autumn and winter.

The requirements for an individual heating concept could not be more different. For example, our Mi-Heat heating films and thermostats have recently even found their way into the forest at home. The young company Zauberjagd produces luxury high seats that even have heated seats and electric underfloor heating for hunting over several days.

Fortunately, we have now left the cold and frosty days behind us for the time being. But one thing is certain: next winter, snow and ice will once again turn many a staircase or driveway into a real slippery slope. And precisely now, when all surfaces are nice and dry and easy to work on, is the right time to install a suitable outdoor heating system.

Just in time for the Easter holidays, many campers are setting off again to spend the first holiday of the year in their own caravan. Electric underfloor heating from Mi-Heat provides more comfort and pleasantly warm feet on the still cold evenings in spring.

In this article you will learn why greenhouse heating makes sense and what solutions are available. In addition to the overwintering of high-quality ornamental plants and the almost year-round growth of crops, there are other positive aspects that speak in favour of a heated greenhouse.

Winter is coming to an end and private and commercial greenhouses and nurseries are getting busy. An electric heating mat can provide valuable support and promote rapid root formation and healthy growth.

Whether supplementary or main heating, the aluminium heating mat delivers very good results and can be installed quickly. The installation is very simple.

Electric underfloor heating - thin-bed heating mat The thin-bed heating system is ideal for renovations and new buildings. It is characterised by its very low installation height and can be laid quickly on the existing screed.

When we talk about SMART, we immediately think of intelligent, networked systems that make our everyday lives easier. However, the origin of the word "smart" is much older than many think.

The use of electric ice-free heating mats prevents snow and ice accumulation. Road conditions are very volatile and full of driving with the first snow of winter, the Mi-Heat Snow Melting heating mats provide safety in particularly risky places

The Ballu infrared dark radiator allows you to heat all kinds of rooms indoors and covered outdoors, so you can use your terrace, garage or workshop all year round, for example.

A snack with a good wine, freshly baked bread and a nice piece of Camembert or Roquefort. Living like God in France. But what does that have to do with mould? Cultures of mould are used for Roquefort (Penicillium roqueforti) and Camembert (Penicillium camemberti), so they are deliberate and not harmful to humans.

Camping has become increasingly popular not only since the Corona pandemic. Whether it's a long weekend or a permanent site right by the sea, camping is experiencing a renaissance

In professional billiards, heated tables are used in addition to tempered balls. Heating the cloth and the balls to 25-30°C

An under-carpet heater is quickly placed under a carpet to provide warm floors. Especially small children who make their first crawling attempts on the floor or people whose feet are always cold love this product.

Total entries: 36