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Plant cultivation in spring: Effective cultivation with heated planting tables
2022-02-07 10:51:00 / / Comments 0
Plant cultivation in spring: Effective cultivation with heated planting tables - Plant cultivation in spring: Effective cultivation with heated planting tables


Heat is an important part of the growth process

Winter is coming to an end and private and commercial greenhouses and nurseries are getting busy. Now that we have left the snow and the largely freezing temperatures behind us, the time for plant cultivation has arrived. In our Central European latitudes, however, warmer temperatures and sunny days often reach us with a delay and when they do, they are usually very unstable. But especially now, in the early phase of plant growth, the right warmth in the area of the plant and its roots is an important part of the growth process.

Springtime is planting time - plant fruit, vegetables, herbs, ornamental flowers, shrubs and perennials now

Planting tables can be quickly and easily equipped with a heating mat

Flat heating mat on a planting table


Even heat distribution promotes root growth

Control with a thermal imaging camera

With an electric heating mat in your seed tray or on the planting table or greenhouse table, you can provide valuable support, relatively independent of the weather. The heat generated is applied directly to the root area of the plant so that the formation of roots takes place as quickly as possible. This type of consistent heat distribution in the root area ensures rapid root formation  and healthy growth. In addition, the risk of fungal infestation is reduced.


  • Rapid root growth
  • Healthy growth
  • Reduction of fungal infestation


Heating mats as helpful support

The electric heating mats allow a cost-effective and simple retrofit compared to water-borne heating systems. Our 17/5 Black heating mats are particularly suitable for this application, as a multi-layer flat heating cable is used, which is fixed on a glass fibre network. The heating mats can thus be easily rolled out on the cultivation benches or planting tables and installed in a short time by any electrician. We recommend a fabric or plastic tarpaulin as the top covering, which ensures an even standing surface and additionally protects the heating conductors from damage.

Further advantages of the multi-layer flat heating cable are a short heating-up time and a homogeneous heat distribution. With conventional round heating cables, the heat distribution is much more uneven, so that the individual seedlings can be subject to different temperatures. In addition, a few millimetres are saved in the installation height. 


Heat distribution with round and flat heating cables

           Round heating cable                           Flat heating cable


No fear of mains voltage: A high level of operational safety of the 17/5 Black heating mats is achieved by a protective earth (PE) in conjunction with a residual current circuit breaker. The regulation can even be carried out table-wise to an accuracy of 0.5 °C via thermostats. This results in significantly reduced energy consumption, as it is no longer necessary to heat entire greenhouses. And if green electricity is used, no CO2 is released.

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Our tip: See for yourself and equip 1-2 planting tables, for example, and compare the result with your unheated tables. You will be thrilled!

Depending on the seed or seedling selected, please observe the correct light/heat ratio to prevent the plants from etiolate.

Do you still have questions? We will be happy to help you.

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