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4.81 / 5,00
361 Bewertungen

Snow melting mats

With our heated outdoor mats for snow melting is perfect for you in order to keep stairs, sidewalks, house entrances, driveways, entrances or ramps free of snow and ice. The use of electric ice-free heating mats prevents the accumulation of snow and ice. This helps against unpleasant falling accidents and eliminates the need for time-consuming snow removal or salt spreading.

The durable and robust mats made of EPDM-rubber and integrated twin heating cables are very easy to install (plug & play). All available Snow Melting heating mats can be connected directly or via connecting cables up to a total power consumption of 14A (3200 Watts). This way, a personalized and to your needs adjusted heating system can be put together. The waterproof screw connections allow a safe operation in outdoor areas. The mats can be easily laid out, or optionally fixated to the floor using the existing eyelets.

Our snow melting mats ensure safe walking and a secure footing due to their tread. They keep the outdoor area free of ice, snow and slippery surfaces all winter long. Ice-free heating mats ensure a safe arrival to your house, building, hut, or wherever free access is desired.

The power consumption of the mats is selected in such a way that up to 5cm of fresh snow can be melted per hour. The heating mats can be switched on and off automatically depending on the temperature and detected snowfall by means of the control technology offered.

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