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Tuya Smart - The all-round solution for Smart Home components?
2022-06-24 11:32:00 / Comments 0
Tuya Smart - The all-round solution for Smart Home components? - Tuya Smart - The all-round solution for Smart Home?

Smart from the lamp to the washing machine

Intelligent living and smart home devices are on everyone's lips. Anyone who has already looked into the subject has certainly come across the term Tuya or Tuya Smart. But what exactly is behind it and which components are suitable?

Tuya - The Specialist for AI and IoT Solutions

Tuya Inc. is a software company founded in 2014 that focuses entirely on the development of AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. The internationally active company has local branches in the USA, China, Germany, Japan and India.

According to company information (as of 12/2021), Tuya Inc. now works with more than 8,000 customers in the B2B sector from over 200 countries, supports more than 380,000 registered developers and has already enabled over 410,000 different devices to integrate into the smart home world.

The interaction of intelligent electronics for the smart home is realised via a cloud platform with associated free smartphone app. Tuya supports a wide range of manufacturers from various industries. The range of compatible products extends from lamps, electric switches, thermostats, air-conditioning and heating devices, refrigerators and robotic mowers to video surveillance solutions and sensors for alarm systems. The open API (Open API) ensures the continuous growth of the Tuya platform.

With Tuya Smart you control the different Smart Home components
Smart thermostats can be controlled via Tuya Smart smartphone or tablet app

Cross-manufacturer standard in the Smart Home

The Tuya Smart App is available free of charge via Google Play or the iOS App Store, depending on the end device, and has several selectable languages. Regular updates ensure a high level of system security and optimum interaction between the components. The focus is on devices with a WLAN connection to ensure the greatest possible compatibility with each other. An essential advantage of communication via WLAN is that no additional hardware (e.g. a gateway or bridge) is required, but the domestic Internet router with its WLAN network is sufficient for communication.  Optionally, however, Bluetooth and Zigbee devices can also be connected.

In addition to the Tuya Smart app, the smart home devices can also be controlled via the voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as the popular web services IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings. Access can also be shared with family members and member-specific access permissions can be set up.

We believe that Tuya Inc. has set new standards in the smart home market with its vision of almost limitless networking. Our delivery range therefore already includes many room thermostats that can be combined with the system.

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