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What is under-carpet heating?
2019-08-28 14:44:00 / / Comments 0
What is under-carpet heating? - Under carpet heating: Also known as heated carpet underlay / carpet heating

Under-carpet heating: Also known as heated carpet underlay or carpet heating


An under-carpet heating system, as the name suggests, is positioned under a carpet as opposed to a heating mat or heating carpet. This should be suitable for underfloor heating and always be able to cover the entire size of the under-carpet heating. An under-carpet heater is quickly placed under a carpet and thus provides warm floors.

Even in rented flats or holiday homes, such under-carpet heating can be put into operation quickly and without structural changes. A nearby power socket is perfectly adequate for operating the carpet heating.

Especially small children who make their first crawling attempts on the floor or people whose feet are always cold love the product.

This type of mobile electric underfloor heating is very popular thanks to the different sizes, quick start-up and flexible use. In addition, the underfloor heating can be folded up again and taken out of operation outside of the heating season without any problems.

Small children in particular often play on the floor. Carpet heating is the ideal solution.


The carpet heating is installed in no time at all

Function and operation of the under-carpet heating system

The under-carpet heating mat provides a pleasant warmth over the entire size. The surface is heated up to 28°C in just a few minutes. The electricity supplied via the socket is converted into heat.  Heating cables, heating foils or heating fabrics are used as heating elements. The heating element is usually embedded or insulated in fleece, PET or aluminium. In the case of very poorly insulated floors or floors with basements, additional insulation in the form of 2-3mm XPS or cork can contribute to higher efficiency.

The under-carpet heating should only be used on temperature-resistant subfloors. This is because it is not impossible for an inferior PVC covering to fade. Furthermore, nothing larger than a table leg should be placed on the entire under-carpet heating system.  It must always be ensured that the heat generated can escape and that there is no accumulation of heat.

Under-carpet heating is also known as heated carpet underlay, carpet heating underlay or carpet heating. As this type of electric underfloor heating is not yet familiar to many, so are the terms such as heating mat or heating carpet.


Available sizes:

  • 100 x 140 cm
  • 140 x 200 cm
  • 180 x 280 cm

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