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New in our range - Ecosun S+ infrared dark heater 900-3600 Watt
2023-04-03 10:25:00 / Comments 0

Robust infrared dark heaters for demanding applications

Our new Ecosun S+ infrared dark heaters are an optimal solution for heating rooms with high heat demand. With up to 3600 watts of power, the infrared heaters are suitable both as main or supplementary heaters in warehouses, workshops, garages, sports halls or other rooms with ceilings up to 10m high. The IPX4 splash water protection even allows installation in protected outdoor areas.

High energy efficiency without disturbing light emissions

The special aluminium heating fins, which have an electrochemical silicating surface treatment, reach temperatures of up to 380°C and generate targeted heat radiation. This creates a pleasant infrared heat that is absorbed by surfaces such as people and objects. In this way, a high energy efficiency of the Ecosun S+ infrared dark heaters is achieved. Disturbing light emissions are completely absent during operation of the dark radiators.

All infrared dark heaters of the Ecosun S+ series can be operated with 230V voltage. From the 1800 watt variant, operation with 400 V voltage is possible as an alternative.

  • Ecosun S+ 900W 230V
    heatable room size 6-9m², installation height 3.5-4.5m
  • Ecosun S+ 1200W 230V
    heatable room size 8-12m², installation height 3.5-4.5m
  • Ecosun S+ 1800W 230/400V
    heatable room size 14-18m², installation height 3,5-6m
  • Ecosun S+ 2400W 230/400V
    heatable room size 20-24m², installation height 3,5-6m
  • Ecosun S+ 3000W 230/400V
    heatable room size 25-30m²,  installation height 4,5-8m
  • Ecosun S+ 3600W 230/400V
    heatable room size 30-36m²,  installation height 4,5-10m

Suitable accessories for all needs

The solid metal housing enables a long-lasting use of the infrared dark heaters even in demanding areas. Depending on the model, the Ecosun S+ infrared dark heaters are suitable for ceiling heights of 3.5m to 10m and can be suspended to the desired height using metal chains, for example. For extended protection against accidental contact or mechanical damage, an optionally available protective grille is available. Wall mounting of the Ecosun S+ infrared dark heaters is also possible, for which a mounting kit is also available as an option.

Infrarot Dunkelstrahler als Heizung für Sporthallen
Ecosun S+  Industrie Heizstrahler

Ecosun S+ 900/1200W

Ecosun S+ 1800/2400W

Ecosun S+ 3000/3600W

Ecosun S+ Schutzgitter

Ecosun S+ Wandhalterung

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