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Warmup DCM-PRO - floor decoupling and underfloor heating in one step
2023-07-27 12:05:00 / / Comments 0
Warmup DCM-PRO - floor decoupling and underfloor heating in one step - Warmup DCM-PRO - floor decoupling and underfloor heating
Warmup DCM-PRO - Floor decoupling and underfloor heating combined

Time-consuming decoupling layers are not necessary

Craftsmen know the problem: A new tiled floor is to be installed along with electric underfloor heating, but the existing subfloor of wooden floorboards or dry screed requires decoupling. Until now, this always meant several separate work steps and a lot of time spent on drying. With the DCM-PRO system from the market leader Warmup, you can now save time and money!

Electric underfloor heating installed in a few minutes

The innovative DCM-PRO heating system from the German manufacturer and market leader Warmup enables quick and easy installation of electric underfloor heating along with a decoupling layer. The heating system, which consists of a decoupling mat with heating cable, can be installed within a few minutes and reliably compensates for floor movements. The heating system can be combined with all common floor coverings that are suitable for use with underfloor heating. This significantly minimises the time required for installation and avoids high costs. 

In order to be able to compensate for subfloor movements of wooden floorboards or dry screed boards, a special adhesive surface made of polyurethane is used that does not harden and resists static and dynamic loads. It allows the floor structure to both expand and contract and thus reliably protects the top covering. Tiles that are particularly susceptible to cracking benefit greatly from the decoupling mat of the DCM-PRO system.

Floor construction with the DCM-Pro heating system
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Twin heating cables for variable shapes and heat outputs

The extremely high-quality and only 4.5 mm flat heating cable of the DCM-PRO system is manufactured in modern twin technology, which enables the power supply from only one connection side. Previous heating cables usually had to be connected to the mains on both sides, i.e. at the beginning and end of the cable. 

The total power of the system can be completely adapted to individual needs. For this purpose, various lengths between 11 and 177 metres of the highly flexible twin heating cable are available, which is laid at a loop spacing of either 60, 90 or 120 mm. The installation is possible without any additional tools, because the DCM-PRO heating cable is simply pressed into the existing honeycomb structure of the decoupling mat. The heating output can thus be conveniently varied between 130 and 230 W/m². 

Thanks to IPX7 certification and a protective conductor fabric inside the DCM-PRO heating cable, installation in damp rooms, such as the bathroom, is also possible. Suitable sealing tapes and inner/outer corners are also available which, in conjunction with any liquid foil, provide the necessary moisture protection. 

The advantages of the Warmup DCM-PRO heating system

  • The self-adhesive decoupling mat is fixed directly to the existing substrate and eliminates the need for an additional adhesive layer. This means that installation time and costs can be significantly reduced.

  • The honeycomb structure of the decoupling mat enables quick and easy installation planning. The distances of the heating cable can be individually adjusted to increase or decrease the heating power.

  • In conjunction with the DCM-PRO heating system, carpeting, tiles, vinyl and parquet, among others, can be installed. These should only be approved for use with underfloor heating.

  • The DCM-PRO heating cable is designed to be easily inserted into the decoupling mat without tools. The heating cable is flexible, durable and offers maximum reliability. 

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