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Start the new camping season with comfortably warm feet
2022-04-12 12:21:00 / / Comments 0
Start the new camping season with comfortably warm feet - Start the new camping season with comfortably warm feet
Heizfolie als Zusatzheizung für den Fußboden

Easter marks the start of the season for campers

Just in time for the Easter holidays, many campers are setting out again to spend the first holiday of the year in their own caravan. The weather service reports the first sunny days around 20°C in Germany.

So during the day, with the pleasant warmth of the sun, many outdoor activities will certainly be enjoyed again or the barbecue will be fired up, with a cool beer to go with it.

But as soon as the sun disappears on the horizon, the outdoor lights in front of the caravans will probably go out again quickly. Because it still gets bitterly cold at night, so evenings are better spent in the warm.

You have certainly noticed that the air in the caravan is at a pleasant temperature, but your feet are still cold.   This is due to purely physical reasons, because warm air rises and thus the floor remains cold. This is precisely where an electric underfloor heating system based on an infrared heating foil can provide a remedy.

DIY practical guide, Customer projects, Product recommendations

To coincide with the new camping season, we have put together some great new products as well as detailed knowledge articles for you in our online shop. A product variation specially designed for caravans / motorhomes now allows you to individually design the desired heating films for your project. This means you can put together all the heating films for your electric underfloor heating yourself in no time at all. 

In addition, you will find informative articles on planning and DIY (do it yourself) installation of the underfloor heating and which special features need to be taken into account. You will get a very special insight in the elaborated project plans, which contain sketches and installation plans of the different objects, as well as associated parts lists. YouTube videos with experience reports and installation documentation from our satisfied customers are also available. 

Let us inspire you too!

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