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Retrofitting underfloor heating in the caravan

Underfloor heating in the caravan provides more comfort and extends your season

Camping has become increasingly popular not only since the Corona pandemic. Whether it's a long weekend or a permanent site right by the sea, camping is experiencing a renaissance. Unfortunately, many motor homes or caravans are not designed for use in the colder months, so only the summer months are used for camping. With underfloor heating, you can extend this period.

Modern caravans and motor homes have a heating system that can be operated with gas or electricity. The interior is pleasantly warm, but the floor is comparatively cold because, from a purely physical point of view, warm air rises and thus the floor and the feet remain cold. This is exactly where infrared underfloor heating can provide a remedy and bypass this physical effect.

By using infrared heating film, the floor can be pleasantly tempered over almost the entire surface and is thus a perfect addition to the existing heating system.

We provide you with the necessary know-how and the right products for your project!

Eine Heizfolie am Boden sorgt für eine angenehme Temperierung

Do it yourself - practical guide

In our practical guide you will find all the important information about installing infrared underfloor heating in your caravan.

To the product selection

We have carefully selected all the components you need and grouped them together in a separate category.

Unsere Komplett-Sets beinhalten alles was Sie benötigen für eine Camper Heizung

Customer projects

Get an insight into successfully completed projects. Floor plans, parts lists, pictures and videos included.

Project planning

Do you need further support for your project? Use our free and non-binding planning service.