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361 Bewertungen

19 degrees in the office? Energy-efficient office heaters create cosy warmth at specific points.
2022-08-29 08:20:00 / Comments 0

Mobile office heaters create cosy warmth at certain points and consume less energy

The Federal Government's proposed gas-saving plan provides for the temperature to be turned down at the beginning of the heating season. According to the plan, public buildings and offices may only be heated to a maximum of 19 degrees.

But even with reduced room temperature, you don't have to freeze. Mobile office heaters in the form of heating carpets, desk heaters or free-standing infrared heating panels can be set up quickly and easily and can be plugged directly into a conventional socket.

The office heaters can be operated very cost-efficiently due to their low energy consumption and provide punctual heating. This directed heat radiation provides a cosy feeling because the infrared short waves directly heat the body and the surrounding surfaces and do not use the room air as a heat carrier.

And just as quickly as the office heaters are set up, they can be removed again when needed. This allows for space-saving storage outside the heating season. Due to the quick disassembly, the heaters are also ideally suited for rental properties, as they can simply be taken along when moving house.

Kalte Füße im Büro müssen nicht sein. Wir bieten passende Lösungen an.

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