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4.80 / 5,00
403 Bewertungen

Outdoor infrared radiant heaters provide a pleasant ambience
2022-06-08 08:14:00 / Comments 0

Extend the outdoor season with infrared radiant heaters

A cosy evening in the fresh air on the terrace or balcony is undoubtedly a real gain in quality of life. With simple aids, the outdoor season can be extended by valuable hours. Infrared radiant heaters even make it possible to use the outdoor area well into autumn and winter.

Radiant heaters are increasingly conquering private terraces

It is not surprising that infrared radiant heaters are gaining in importance not only in the commercial sector in the catering and hotel industry, but also in the private outdoor area. This is because the infrared radiant heaters are quickly installed in just a few steps and immediately give off heat to the people who are in their vicinity without a prior warm-up phase - similar to natural sunlight.

The infrared radiant heaters are particularly energy-efficient because the infrared short waves (infrared A radiation) heat the body and the surrounding surfaces directly and do not use the air as a heat carrier. Therefore, the units are also ideally suited for open, windy areas, as there is hardly any heat loss. The resulting energy savings are enormous.

In addition, heating by means of infrared radiant heaters is extremely environmentally friendly, as no emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen dioxide (Nox) are released, as is the case with gas radiant heaters. 

Infrarot-Heizstrahler für den Sonnenschirm sind in Gastro und Hotellerie sehr beliebt
Tischheizstrahler eignen sich besonders für den mobilen Einsatz auf Terrasse, Balkon, Wintergarten

Table radiant heater "Barcelona"

Infrarot-Standheizer sind schnell aufgestellt und sorgen für angenehme Wärme

Free-standing infrared radiant heater "Retro"

Infrarot Decken-Heizstrahler eignen sich optimal unter Dachüberständen, Wintergärten, Gartenhäusern oder direkt auf der Terrasse

"Vintage" patio heater
for ceiling mounting

Infrarot Hellstrahler für die Wandmontage

Infrared wall heater "HM2000"

Sonnenschirmheizer werden direkt am Sonnenschirm montiert und sind in der Gastronomie sehr beliebt

Parasol heater "XXL"

Which infrared heater is the right one?

But when choosing the right radiant heater, there are a few things that should be considered:

- Which design should it be?

With infrared radiant heaters, there is a suitable design for almost every conceivable installation position. The quickest way to set up a radiant table or free-standing heater is to simply place it in a free-standing position at the desired location. A stable base or pedestal provides the necessary stability. Connection to the mains is very simple via a power cable with plug to a conventional socket.

For permanent installation, for example above the dining table or a seating area, special ceiling or wall heaters are suitable. Depending on the model, these are permanently mounted on the wall or ceiling with the enclosed brackets or suspended from above with chains. Often, these variants also have a matching infrared remote control or even a WLAN connection for control via a smartphone app. The heating power of the infrared heaters can usually be adjusted to individual needs in several stages.

The so-called parasol heaters have a particularly sophisticated design. As the name suggests, they are attached directly to the frame of a parasol. For an even and extensive heat distribution, these heaters often consist of three or more heating elements. A protective device ensures that the parasol heater can only be switched on when it is unfolded.

- Where is the heater to be installed?

The planned installation location also plays an important role in choosing the right infrared radiant heater. If the unit is to be installed in a protected outdoor area (e.g. roof overhang, patio roofing, veranda, summer garden or pavilion), protection against splashing water according to protection class IP24 is sufficient. However, if an installation on an open area or a pergola without a fixed roof structure is planned, at least protection class IP65 should be available.

- Should an infrared luminousor dark heater be selected?

Infrared luminous heaters are preferably used in outdoor areas, as the infrared A radiation generated with a range of 0.78 to 1.4 µm is particularly short-wave and thus ensures immediate heat reception. The generated heat penetrates up to 5mm deep into the tissue and thus gives the feeling of direct sunlight. The short-wave radiation is also hardly susceptible to wind or draughts. Infrared luminous heaters from the premium segment usually have a carbon heating element, which also has a particularly low glare (visible light).

Infrared dark Heaters, on the other hand, produce infrared C radiation with a wavelength of more than 3µm, which does not penetrate as deeply into the tissue. This means that the feeling of warmth is somewhat delayed. Infrared dark heaters are more suitable for areas protected from the wind or indoors, but do not produce any visible light.

- How much power (watts) should I plan for?

The infrared radiant heaters are usually advertised with a specification of the heatable room size. Often, information such as "heated room size: 12-25m²" can be found on the units or in their description texts. This can already provide a fairly accurate classification of the heatable area. In open areas, however, the smaller information on the heatable surface should be taken into account, while in closed rooms the larger information is useful. Especially the radiant heaters from the premium segment, which often already have a remote control or can be controlled via a smartphone app, usually have several heating levels. In this way, the desired heat can be individually adapted to your own needs.

Guide values - Watt / heatable area:

1500 watts - 7 to 15m²
2000 watts - 10 to 20m²
2500 Watt - 12 to 25m²
3000 Watt - 18 to 30m²

Electric infrared radiant heaters are real all-rounders

However, infrared radiant heaters are by no means only suitable for classic outdoor areas. They can also be used to heat indoor areas such as garden sheds, workshops or garages without any problems. Hobbies can be practised better when you don't have to freeze.

To make it as quick and easy as possible to select the right products from our varied delivery range, we have added a clear filter function for you. Here you can easily define the desired criteria and directly receive an overview of the products that are suitable for you.

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