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A look at OJ Electronics: pioneers in HVAC control systems
2024-02-16 10:40:00 / / Comments 0
A look at OJ Electronics: pioneers in HVAC control systems - A look at OJ Electronics: pioneers in HVAC control systems

Expertise creates solid partnerships

OJ Electronics is a renowned Danish company that has specialised in the development and manufacture of electronic controls for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) for over half a century. The company's headquarters are located in Sønderborg, Denmark. OJ Electronics places a strong emphasis on the quality, functionality, and reliability of its products and has established itself as a leading provider of HVAC control solutions.

A notable feature of OJ Electronics is the manufacturing taking place at the company's main site in Denmark itself, ensuring that the solutions offered are manufactured to strict quality standards and can bear the "Made in EU" label. OJ Electronics' HVAC controls, drives, and thermostat solutions for electric underfloor heating are used in thousands of buildings worldwide, helping to optimize indoor climate while saving energy.

The company relies on continuous innovation, sound software expertise, and extensive practical experience to offer its customers top-quality products. OJ Electronics places great importance on fostering good relationships and collaboration with suppliers and distribution partners to ensure first-class service and support. With a wide range of intelligent thermostat solutions and innovative HVAC controls, OJ Electronics has established itself as a trusted partner for comfort and energy efficiency.

We at Mi-Heat Heizsysteme GmbH are therefore particularly proud to have maintained a close distribution partnership with OJ Electronics for several years, enabling us to offer our customers excellent control systems.

OJ Electronics company building in Sønderborg, Denmark
OJ Electronics WiFi thermostats with free smartphone app

The OJ Microline thermostat range: comfort and efficiency redefined

Under the name OJ Microline, OJ Electronics presents its state-of-the-art range of thermostats. These intelligent controls offer a perfect balance of quality, functionality, and user-friendly operation for residential and commercial spaces. Designed to ensure smooth installation and easy operation, they provide the utmost efficiency and comfort while keeping energy costs low.

With their programmable features, the thermostats allow precise temperature control and individual heating schedules for various heating systems, whether it be infrared heaters, electric underfloor heating, or water-based heating systems. The user-friendly multilingual interfaces and innovative features make OJ Electronics thermostats effortlessly programmable, enabling users to create the perfect microclimate for each room. Thermostats with WiFi connection additionally offer the convenience of controlling and monitoring the heating system from anywhere, leading to further savings and enhanced comfort.

The OJ Microline thermostats seamlessly integrate into the high-quality switch ranges of renowned brand manufacturers such as Busch & Jäger, Gira, Merten, Jung, and Berger. With their timeless design and premium craftsmanship, the thermostats blend harmoniously into the overall switch installation, providing an aesthetically pleasing solution for any residential or commercial environment.

O series

The OJ Microline thermostats of the O series are suitable for harmonious integration into switch ranges from the manufacturer Busch & Jäger.

  • Reflex SI
  • Reflex Linear
  • Jussi
M series

The M series of thermostats is manufactured with a 55 mm pitch and can be integrated into the following switch ranges: 

  • Berker: S1, B1, B3, B7 Glass
  • GIRA: System 55, Standard 55, E2, E22, Event, Esprit
  • Merten: 1-M, Atelier-M, M-Smart, M-Arc, M-Star, M-Plan
  • JUNG: A 500, AS 500, A plus, A creation
  • ELSO: Joy

Ice and snow melting systems from OJ Electronics: Intelligent solutions for safety and efficiency

Under the name OJ Winterline, OJ Electronics offers a range of intelligent ice and snow melting systems. These systems are designed to enhance safety while saving valuable time and money. Through efficient control, the electric outdoor heating mats or heating cables are activated only when ice or slippery conditions are expected. Once the surface is completely thawed and free of moisture, the heating is automatically deactivated to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

These intelligent systems detect snow and ice formation and ensure optimal energy usage, improving not only safety but also the system's cost-effectiveness. For those looking to protect their property during winter, OJ Electronics' ice and snow melting systems provide a reliable solution built on years of experience in thermostat and sensor technology.

Thanks to electric surface heaters and sophisticated control systems, not only are potential accident risks reduced, but the laborious task of clearing snow and ice is also eliminated, thereby reducing personnel costs in municipalities and businesses.

Efficiently protect driveways and pavements from snow and ice
Control systems

The extensive control systems of the OJ Winterline offer a versatile range of features for ice and snow melting. From simple temperature detection to fully automatic evaluation of various weather factors, the entire spectrum from entry-level to premium variants is covered.


Reliable sensors, which are robust and weather-resistant, accurately capture diverse climatic conditions. From measuring air and surface temperatures to monitoring humidity, the range of sensors covers a wide spectrum. Integrated heating elements even allow for the thawing of snow and ice, ensuring continuous and accurate detection.

With us you will find the optimum control system for your project

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