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Startup "Zauberjagd" produces heated luxury high seats with Mi-Heat carbon heating films
2022-05-30 10:25:00 / / Comments 0
Startup "Zauberjagd" produces heated luxury high seats with Mi-Heat carbon heating films - Mi-Heat heating film as underfloor heating in the Hunt High Seat

Electric heating offers absolute comfort when hunting over several days

The demands placed on an individual heating concept could not be more different. Recently, our Mi-Heat heating films and thermostats have even found their way into the forest at home. The luxury high seats of the young company Zauberjagd, equipped with solar cells and lithium batteries, offer lighting and charging options for smartphones and the like, as well as heated seats and electric underfloor heating for a hunting trip lasting several days.

A modular system for an exclusive high seat

In the small municipality of Salmtal in Rhineland-Palatinate, the Zauberjagd company has concentrated entirely on the development and production of premium hunting equipment. The exclusive raised hide can be customised according to a combinable modular system.

The cockpit, designed by engineers and made of aluminium honeycomb profiles and a steel corset, is manufactured in element construction and can be assembled and disassembled as often as desired. If desired, the pulpit can be mounted on a hot-dip galvanised stud frame with a special paint finish to achieve a firing height of either 4, 5 or 6 metres.  

The special feature of the combinable modular system from Zauberjagd is the individual selection and design of each premium hunting equipment. The interior, design and colour of the pulpits are freely selectable.

The glued Mi-Heat heating films on the seat surfaces
(underneath the upholstery)

            Control unit with power connections and
            two Mi-Heat Mi-10 thermostats (24V)

Mi-Heat carbon heating film as an effective heat source

An efficient photovoltaic module on the roof in combination with a modern 24V lithium battery provides a self-sufficient system that uses solar energy without interfering with nature. A clearly arranged control unit includes 12-volt connections and USB sockets for digital devices such as smartphones or thermal imaging cameras, as well as the Mi-Heat Mi-10 thermostat for regulating the optionally available seat and floor heating. 

A Mi-Heat 24V carbon heating film with a heating capacity of 130W/m² is used to heat the seat and floor surfaces, which still offers sufficient power reserves even at colder outside temperatures.  

Patrick Jonas, founder of Zauberjagd says: "Many tenants have their hunting grounds further away from their homes and can only hunt there now and then at the weekends. With a sleeping pulpit like the one from Zauberjagd, nothing stands in the way of a complete night stalk and hunters can definitely spend one or two nights in the pulpit." 

For more information on the premium hunting equipment, please visit:

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