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Smart heating control, good for the wallet and the environment
2020-10-14 11:27:00 / / Comments 0
Smart heating control, good for the wallet and the environment - Smart heating control: Good for your wallet and the environment

What is actually "smart" ?

When we talk about smart, we immediately think of intelligent, networked systems that make our everyday lives easier. However, the origin of the word "smart" is much older than many think. Around two thousand B.C., the word originated around the Baltic Sea in the Ur-Germanic language. "smarta", which meant something like "painful". It became "smeart" in Old English, which titled a stabbing pain, and by 1300 it had come to be used figuratively as "smart" as a "cutting" remark. In the 17th century, someone who was smart was now attested to be clever, shrewd and knowledgeable. Then, about 150 years ago, the word came back into German.

So it has been a long journey to today's usage. But smart plays an ever-increasing role in our lives. Everything is becoming smarter, from mobile phones to cars to our own homes. Especially in the area of the smarthome, not only can comfort be increased, but energy can also be saved. Often, only small, inexpensive tools are necessary for this.

Smart thermostats can be controlled via smartphone or tablet app


Smart thermostats offer comfort and save energy

Thermostats are suitable for electric heating systems and water-guided underfloor heating systems

The times when you had to get up at night to light the stove for the morning are over, and constant heating is also a thing of the past. Smart thermostats recognise when the temperature drops and readjust it, keeping the room temperature at the same level throughout the day or lowering the temperature when you are at work. Shortly before you come home, the temperature is raised again. 

With many thermostats, it is possible to individually set daily heating periods. An app makes it easy to operate from the couch. Especially in the transitions to autumn and spring, it makes sense to be able to react quickly to the weather. This saves heating costs and is good for the environment. 

Electric underfloor heating systems as well as water-guided underfloor heating systems can be controlled.

You are not sure how to realise your project? Feel free to contact us, we will help you with the project planning.

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