Self-regulating Trace Heating Cable 15W/m 10m

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Trace Heating for Pipe and Gutter

This Mi-Heat pre-assembled self-limiting heating cable comes with plug and thermostat. The integrated thermostat switches on at +5 ° C and switches off the heating at +15 ° C. Icing in gutter and downpipe and further damages from frozen pipelines is avoided.

When the surrounding temperature increases, the electrical resistance rises as well to reduce the heat output.  When the surrounding temperature decreases, the electrical resistance drops as well to increase the heat output accordingly. Hence this heating element is significantly more cost saving and energy efficient.
Another advantage of our Mi-Heat trace heating is that, this PTC heating cable allows overlapping without being damaged.

With additional insulation, this heating cable protects against frost up to max. -40 ° C.

easy to use
Cost effective and energy efficient
protects against freezing and icing up to -40 ° C
overlapping allowed

Scope of Application
Water pipes
liquid container
gutters of ramps
animal trough
garden ponds

Operating voltage: 230V
Max. Power consumption: 15W / m
Switch points controller: at 5 ° C on, off at 15 ° C off
Max. Operating temperature: 65 ° C
Min. Operating temperature: -45 ° C
Min. Bending radius: 25mm
Length of connection cable: 2m
Plug: Schuko
Protection class: I
IP protection: IP67
Heating conductor type: PTC, self-regulating twin heating cable

Product Contents
1 x antifreeze heating cable 10m
1 x user manual

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